Power Plate Scientific Validation Fall Prevention

Effects of supervised whole body vibration exercise on fall risk factors, functional dependence and health-related quality of life in nursing home residents aged 80+

F. Álvarez-Barbosa et al. Maturitas 79 (2014) 456–463

Department of Physical Education and Sports, University of Seville, Department of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Auckland, Department of Human Performance Studies, Wichita State University

Twenty-nine 80–95 years old volunteers, nursing home residents were randomized to an eight-week WBV intervention group) (n = 15) or control group (n = 14)



30-sec Chair Sit to Stand (30-s CSTS) test significantly improved from baseline at 8 weeks

Functional mobility (Timed Up and Go, TUG) improved from baseline at 8 weeks

Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) improved from baseline at 8 weeks

  • # of times in 30 s that participant could raise to a full stand from a seated position as fast as possible
  • maximum speed of each repetition was recorded with a Linear Encoder

Subjects in the intervention group increased their skeletal muscle power

Improved in dynamic balance and lower limb muscle performance in the intervention group

None of the participants in the intervention group had any adverse health effects during the treatment

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