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As we all know too few people exercise properly, or as often as they should, to achieve their health and fitness goals. There are also a very large number of people for whom conventional exercise interventions are not viable options, as they may have injuries, illnesses or conditions or they require specific equipment, programs or support.

Acceleration Training™ exercise on a Power Plate® machine represents a unique paradigm shift in strength training, as it allows the body to produce force with more ease than conventional strength training. Power Plate® machines can help users and patients to achieve a variety of health and fitness benefits that will not necessarily have an effect on the disease or condition itself, but will for sure have a positive impact on the general health and fitness and maybe some symptoms to fight the disease and stay independent longer.
The impact of being able to life your own life and not depend on aid is invaluable for most people. And at the same time will be of huge impact on society and healthcare costs.

Since the start of Power Plate in 1999 there has always been a lot of attention and interest in the application of Acceleration Training (or Whole Body Vibration or Power Plate training) within special populations or patient populations to improve health and wellness.
The attraction of Acceleration Training for these groups was immediate clear:

  • easy to execute exercises
  • minimal stress on joints and bone
  • short programs / time efficient
  • low entrance level possible, with small step increments
  • low perceived exertion so high compliance

But most important:
Acceleration Training can generate comparable or superior effects compared to conventional training.

This means that healthcare professionals now have the opportunity to prescribe Acceleration Training™ exercise as part of a wider treatment plan to assist with:

  • Fall prevention
  • Improving muscular strength and power
  • Alleviating pain
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Aiding weight loss
  • Increasing bone mineral density and preventing bone mineral density loss related to ageing
  • Improving circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Improving general wellbeing, fitness and daily life functioning in patient populations

It is well known that individuals suffering from conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and diabetes, among many other conditions, can benefit tremendously from physical activity.
Unfortunately sufferers of these conditions are often unable to exercise due to loss of muscular strength, coordination, balance, joint pain and poor circulation. In many cases, they are also hindered by fear of embarrassment.
The Power Plate® machine's accessibility makes the benefits of physical activity within reach for many of those not able to partake in other forms of exercise such as walking, weight lifting or cycling. Its ability to help increase muscular strength, improve balance, increase circulation, affect bone mineral density and encourage weight loss, all make this form of exercise particularly beneficial for various patient populations.
Although it may not have any influence on the condition itself, it can provide relief from symptoms, and improve general wellbeing and daily life functioning amongst these groups.

This website is designed to inform medical professionals about the possibilities, indications and considerations for the application of Power Plate in specific (medical) situation. It contains background information, scientific and case study materials, practical experience by other physicians and patient records.

We're updating this website as often as possible with new research, knowledge and insight, but would also invite everybody to share their experience so we're able to bring this website to a higher level, and be better able to support every-body with correct and helpful information.

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