Power Plate is a suitable treatment for various ailments afflicting the aging population, and the whole body vibration technology behind Power Plate produces measurable results. Healthcare professionals have reported benefits in conditions ranging from debilitating chronic conditions to obesity concerns.


Power Plate's ability to stimulate neurotransmission makes it a powerful tool in the treatment of neurologic deficits.

The deformation of the soft tissues produced by vibration is capable of activating muscle spindles leading to an enhancement of the stretch-reflex loop. This excitatory inflow, throughout vibration stimulus, is mostly connected to the reflex activation of the motor neuron, thereby producing an improvement in the neuromuscular properties of human skeletal muscle.4

Stimulation of mechanoreceptors, reduces pain by disrupting the pain-feedback loop; allowing patients to go further in physiotherapeutic rehabilitation, without the burden of pain.

The bone myoregulation reflex (BMR) is a neural mechanism that, through reflex muscle activity and cyclic mechanical loading (force exerted by WBV on muscle), transmits input information to the central nervous system affecting neuronal regulation. Based on this process, Power Plate leads to an increase in muscle strength, in addition to an increase in bone mineral density, through the reflex of muscle activity caused by mechanical loading.

Conditions for which Power Plate® has been used


Reticular Neuropathy

Multiple Sclerosis


Compression Neuropathy

Platinum Induced Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy