Stories Brianna's Story

Look at what I've been able to accomplish [with Power Plate]... something I've not been able to do by myself in almost a year... standing, unassisted.

What should have marked a tragic end for a young woman after a near-fatal car crash, has become a remarkable story of recovery and perserverence; one that is resonating with hundreds of thousands online and worldwide.

On August 17th, 2020—as she was driving home from her job as a night nurse—Brianna Seewald became the unfortunate victim of a terrible car accident, at a notoriously dangerous intersection that left her with a fractured neck, six breaks in her back, broken ribs, and bound to a wheelchair.

Fortunately, coincidental bystander—John Hill—was there to immediately help at the scene of the accident. With his calm composure and kind manner, he was able to assist Brianna and stabilize her neck, preventing further injury and a potential complete severing of the spine, leading to quadroplegia.

After having been placed in a halo brace for nearly 7 months to ensure proper healing of her neck, she was fnally able to take it off and begin her path to recovery and rehabilitation, with the goal of being able to one day walk again.

Brianna sitting on Power Plate
Brianna standing on Power PLate with coach

To help give an inside look into the trials and struggles that come with intensive rehabilitation, Brianna chose to share her story online through social media, with her biggest following on Tik Tok, where she has an active following of 450k and growing. It was there that Brianna chose to share how benefcial and life changing her use of Power Plate has been for her recovery journey:

Power Plate] helps engage the nerve and can't voluntarily control by myself yet.... And with this cool piece of equipment, look at what I've been able to accomplish... Something that I have not been able to do by myself in almost a year, that was standing, unassisted, without holding to anyone or anyone holding onto me...I am squeezing every muscle that I can engage to keep this upright position. The [plate] is vibrating at a high frequency to help me engage and keep upright. It was such a surreal experience being able to do this by myself, such a huge accomplishment